Friday, November 21, 2008

Post-Game: Capitals @ Kings

Man this west coast trip is killing me, staying up this late night after night...just to watch the Capitals lose 5-2 (it was really 3-2) at the Staples Center.

I missed the first period (Thanksgiving dinner, college style), but I saw the last two periods.

  • The Caps played decent, killing off a 5-3 and scoring on the power play for the fifth straight game.
  • Nick Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin kept their point scoring streaks alive at seven and six games, respectively.
  • I am going to miss Michael Nylander...I just feel as though I will wake up tomorrow and see him in a Blackhawks jersey. Either way, if he does not stick around, more cap room for the future of the Caps (Alzner, Bourque, etc..)
  • Whoa, Washington doubled their shots in each period...three in the first, six in the second...and yeup, you guessed it: 12 in the third! Grand total of 21 shots on net, their lowest total of the season.
  • Looked as though Tom Poti attempted to dump the puck through a Kings' 'D' man, who settled the puck and set-up Dustin Brown for a goal as Poti was trailing the play.

I get to go back home tomorrow for Thanksgiving break! I'm pretty excited, I havn't been to a Capitals game since opening night, but I'll try to get out and watch either the Atlanta Thrashers or Montreal Canadians next week. I also plan on purchasing Capitals Road Crew tickets for a game against the Carolina Hurricanes later this year.

Here at "Simply Sensational!", we would like to be known for esoteric, yet relevant stats, so check back on Friday and Saturday for interesting statistics about San Jose, Minnesota, and whatever else is related to Washington Capitals news and notes.

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