Thursday, November 27, 2008

Japers' Rink Doesn't Like the Wave??

So last night's game was the a "Student Rush Night" where people with a valid student ID can receive a lower level ticket and a free burrito from from Chipotle for $35. My buddies and I took advantage of this and purchased tickets at the box office mid-day.

When we got to 113, it felt like the student section at a college basketball or football game. There were kids that I knew from high school that were full of energy, a wanna-be 'horn guy', and even first-time hockey watchers that were intrigued by the sport. Of course there were those stupid, oblivious, drunk private school kids that were yelling and cursing for the first two periods...These kids were such idiots, not only underage, but they were passing around their liquor-filled water bottle while watching. Nobody noticed when the first kid threw up, but by the time the fourth kid puked, it took about five minutes for VC employees to escort the inebriated kids to the judicial office...But anyways back to the positives of the student section.

The kids sitting in front of the drunk kids (5-8 rows in front) were cool and I knew a few of them from sports in high school. They were cheering really loudly and then they would instruct the spectators on the start of section 113 to start the wave. It took our section about five minutes, but then we got it going! It went around a few times and it seemed like everyone was doing it! (well except JP). Seconds after the wave made a trip around the arena, Alex Ovechkin fed Viktor Kozlov who scored on the breakaway to extend the lead to 5-2.

Me, being one of the original starters of "the wave" at last night's game, can only assume that Kozlov's goal came directly because he was motivated after noticing "the wave" and the crowd cheering.

What's wrong with the wave? Can't see for the two seconds that the person in front of you stands? Try standing up yourself! "The Wave" re-emerged late last season during the playoff run, but this is the first time I've seen it this year. I think hockey fans need to be more like European soccer fans (except for the lighting stuff on fire in the stands part), singing chants while the team is playing, doing "the wave," and other little things that can give the Capitals an advantage.

Any thoughts on this? Post in the comments if you buy or sell "the wave."


richard said...

i like the wave, whenever ive gone to redskins games the wave will last in the upper seats for a whole quarter.

MPL said...

Yeah, so what if it's not traditional? Can you be AGAINST team spirit?

richard said...

Well if its not traditional it can always be started up, even maybe becoming a tradition. If someone is against team spirit, id wonder why they are at the game claiming to cheer for a team anyways.