Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Caps affiliates win both AHL and ECHL titles

From Hockey's Future:
This season was one of the most successful years that the Capitals have had within their minor-league system. The Hershey Bears won the AHL Calder Cup while the South Carolina Stingrays won the ECHL Kelly Cup. This was the Bears 10th Calder Cup victory, making them the most successful franchise ever in the AHL.

While both rosters were stocked with seasoned veterans, the Capitals were able to have 20 prospects play in the ECHL, AHL, or both during the course of the season. Below is a review of all of their seasons, in alphabetical order .


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stalking Ben Boudreau's Facebook Page

So Bruce Boudreau and his son Ben went to Congressional for a round of golf on June 11th and Ben was kind enough to post it on Facebook, and therefore on my mini feed, so here we go:

'Sand trap' written all over it. /lame joke

"Give it a rest Bruce. I could care less what shade it is, red is red."

Baller $tatus

Action ShotSubtitle verbatim: "mike tyson's old house...its not that big."
I'm no real estate expert, but that house (that can't be a house, can it?) is friggin huge Ben.


Unfortunately, no Bruce mid-swing pictures have been posted...yet. For some reason, the name 'Charles Barkley' comes to mind.


Bruce Boudreau was on Comcast Sports Net tonight and I missed the segment. I'm sure that feature would help me right about here. If there is something glaring missing from this post (i.e. pictures of pops Boudreau, the scorecard, or a link to some vid)... please do share.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Planning a trip to the Caps training facility this summer?

Well friend, welcome to Arlington!

At 3:37, that would be Ballston Common Mall, home of Kettler Capitals Ice Rink.

And if Remy looks familiar to Caps fans, it's because he did this in 2007:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Caps had a pretty good 2004 draft...

From Hockey's Future:
The 2004 NHL Entry Draft was a turning point for the Capitals organization. After gaining the first overall pick in the lottery, the Capitals selected franchise winger Alex Ovechkin to build their young team around. But the draft wasn't just top heavy for the Caps, as there are two more players with significant game experience and three beyond that with cups of coffee at the NHL level.

The Capitals had the second highest game-per-pick yield from their 2004 class, at 59 games.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Future Plans...

Okay guys, this summer has been A LOT busier than I expected and I apologize for the lack of content on the blog.

BUT, with that being said, I want to let you guys know what you can expect from Simply Sensational in the future.

I will continue to post links and videos to interesting stories I run across regarding the Washington Capitals stories à la Kukla's Korner.

I'm pretty sure most of the readers on this site also read (or should be reading) Japers', OFB, Capitals Kremlin, and Storming the Crease (among others), so if they've got a breaking story, I'll let you read it there.

I'm still trying to find my niche among Washington Capitals blogs, so I might try a few new things starting this summer and next season.

I'll do my best to put out some original work on this site, but in the meantime, you can stop by The Hockey Writers every now and then to check out some cool posts including interviews, videos, and my weekly monthly post.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals and the Calder Cup Finals... I know I will!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Manny Burriss: Once a D.C. Fan, Always a D.C. Fan

Check out an interview from Steinz and San Fransisco Giant shortstop and D.C. native Manny Burriss:
You don't do hockey?

Love hockey. Love hockey. Matter of fact, Randy Winn hates the fact that I love hockey, because he doesn't think I'm for real. But I always loved hockey, though. Growing up, when I was younger and I first got into hockey, I didn't really watch the Capitals. The reason I actually started liking it was because of Jaromir Jagr with the Penguins. So I was loving hockey, and just recently, I'd say about five or six years ago, was when I really started getting into D.C. hockey, because I started to figure I've got to root for the D.C. team. Luckily I did that beforehand, so I'm not like a bandwagon guy.

(I asked Winn about all this. "He doesn't know hockey," Winn said. "Has he fooled you, too? I don't buy it."

"The only thing he knows about hockey is that Ovechkin plays for the Capitals," Rich Aurilia added. "And he probably knows what they serve at the arena.")

What do you think about Ovechkin?

He's amazing. He's amazing. We have debates about him, me and Randy Winn. He's always getting on me, because he thinks Sidney Crosby's better. He just does it to get under my skin.