Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Future Plans...

Okay guys, this summer has been A LOT busier than I expected and I apologize for the lack of content on the blog.

BUT, with that being said, I want to let you guys know what you can expect from Simply Sensational in the future.

I will continue to post links and videos to interesting stories I run across regarding the Washington Capitals stories à la Kukla's Korner.

I'm pretty sure most of the readers on this site also read (or should be reading) Japers', OFB, Capitals Kremlin, and Storming the Crease (among others), so if they've got a breaking story, I'll let you read it there.

I'm still trying to find my niche among Washington Capitals blogs, so I might try a few new things starting this summer and next season.

I'll do my best to put out some original work on this site, but in the meantime, you can stop by The Hockey Writers every now and then to check out some cool posts including interviews, videos, and my weekly monthly post.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals and the Calder Cup Finals... I know I will!

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