Friday, June 5, 2009

Manny Burriss: Once a D.C. Fan, Always a D.C. Fan

Check out an interview from Steinz and San Fransisco Giant shortstop and D.C. native Manny Burriss:
You don't do hockey?

Love hockey. Love hockey. Matter of fact, Randy Winn hates the fact that I love hockey, because he doesn't think I'm for real. But I always loved hockey, though. Growing up, when I was younger and I first got into hockey, I didn't really watch the Capitals. The reason I actually started liking it was because of Jaromir Jagr with the Penguins. So I was loving hockey, and just recently, I'd say about five or six years ago, was when I really started getting into D.C. hockey, because I started to figure I've got to root for the D.C. team. Luckily I did that beforehand, so I'm not like a bandwagon guy.

(I asked Winn about all this. "He doesn't know hockey," Winn said. "Has he fooled you, too? I don't buy it."

"The only thing he knows about hockey is that Ovechkin plays for the Capitals," Rich Aurilia added. "And he probably knows what they serve at the arena.")

What do you think about Ovechkin?

He's amazing. He's amazing. We have debates about him, me and Randy Winn. He's always getting on me, because he thinks Sidney Crosby's better. He just does it to get under my skin.


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