Monday, October 20, 2008

First Post!

Okay, after religiously reading some of my favorite Capitals blogs for the past few weeks including: Japers' Rink, Storming the Crease, and On Frozen Blog to name a few, I decided to make my own.

In my blog, I will cover Capitals news, notes, and information relevant to the team. There will be pre-game and post-game analysis for every Capitals game, and I will occasionally touch on the Hershey Bears as well.

The name of my blog came from the popular saying by Capitals color announcer, Joe Beninati who started saying the catchy phrase in 2005-2006 after "The Goal." I hope to update the blog as much as possible and look forward to "Simply Sensational!" to becoming a household name. So until then, Go Caps!

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