Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stalking Ben Boudreau's Facebook Page

So Bruce Boudreau and his son Ben went to Congressional for a round of golf on June 11th and Ben was kind enough to post it on Facebook, and therefore on my mini feed, so here we go:

'Sand trap' written all over it. /lame joke

"Give it a rest Bruce. I could care less what shade it is, red is red."

Baller $tatus

Action ShotSubtitle verbatim: "mike tyson's old house...its not that big."
I'm no real estate expert, but that house (that can't be a house, can it?) is friggin huge Ben.


Unfortunately, no Bruce mid-swing pictures have been posted...yet. For some reason, the name 'Charles Barkley' comes to mind.


Bruce Boudreau was on Comcast Sports Net tonight and I missed the segment. I'm sure that feature would help me right about here. If there is something glaring missing from this post (i.e. pictures of pops Boudreau, the scorecard, or a link to some vid)... please do share.

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