Monday, November 10, 2008

Chris Cooley Goes to a Hockey Game...

Almost a month after Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Green, and Alex Ovechkin were in attendance for the Redskins 14-11 win aginst Cleveland, Chris Cooley returned the favor this past Saturday, watching an exciting 3-2 victory against the New York Rangers.

It was the Wyoming-native's first taste of ANY ice hockey (live or television), and from his blog, he sounded like he enjoyed it a lot.

"Now the goals were great and all but the best thing about the whole night didn't happen to be the scoring nor was it a fight (there were close calls but no real ones). It was however, the blocked penalty shot in the third period that would have tied the game with about ten minutes left. Backup goalie Brent Johnson bitch slapped the puck away from Rangers captain Chris Drury before he could even think about taking the shot. It was amazing."

I doubt "Captain Chaos" topped the rediculous Redskins gear that Caps players wore, but who knows what strange Capitals apparel he would have worn had Clinton Portis went and egged him on.

Update: It is unsure whether Chris Cooley was in attendance, the blog post says it was written by Chris Cooley, but either way it is good promotion for the Capitals.

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