Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pre-Game: Capitals @ Senators

Not much to say about the Capitals victory against the Islanders, two points its two points. I do have a few things to say to the New York Islanders announcers:

  • It's Jeff...Jeff Shultz. Nick plays for Minnesota.
  • I feel somewhat insulted when we are referred to as the "Washington Ovechkin's." It's probably just a man-crush gone too far.
  • Speaking of that... one announcer said Ovechkin is "...the best player today in any team sport." Of course that's not biased whatsoever. He's probably never heard of LeBron James, Christiano Ronaldo, or Peyton Manning.
As Tarik pointed out yesterday, Washington will be in Canada's capital to play on Inauguration Day in addition to playing in Ottawa on Election day also.

Unlike the Islanders, Ottawa has actually won in 2009, with their two wins coming against the Southeast Division. The Caps played seven straight playoff contending teams and now are facing the (tied for) second worst team in the Eastern Conference a day after beating the worst time in the Conference.

While no one is looking past this game (like they were against the NYI), Washington gets a seven day break before playing Boston, Detroit, and Ottawa again.

Alex Ovechkin, who netted two goals in yesterday's victory, has six goals in his past four games including a four goal performance against the Sens last season.

Brian Elliot (who?) should start in net while Martin Gerber continues to be the stupidest pick in my fantasy draft be on his AHL conditioning stint.

It'd be nice getting within six points of Boston going into the break, but with Theo's record against the Sens, the Caps better be ready to play.

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