Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Post-Game: Capitals vs Flyers

There was so much trash-talking/questionable comments by players and coaches of both teams leading up to this game that it was almost guaranteed to be a thriller. And when the game came down to the wire, Jose Theodore, the newest member of the Flyers/Caps rivalry, stonewalled the three most explosive players in the Flyers' lineup in the shootout.

  • Nicklas Backstrom has five goals in his last six games against Philly. He is two goals shy of last year's total of 12, and on track for over 90 points. And it's now time to consider him at the level of Thorton, Lecavalier, and Iginla.
  • With Sergei Fedorov getting closer and closer to returning, and Karl Alzner's excellent performance at this level, I'm (unfortunately) counting down the days that Michael Nylander is on the Capitals. If Feds returns, there needs to be a roster move and it could involve Nyles, who was in the box for Braydon Coburn's goal.
  • Is Theo the outright starter? His 33-save performance and Brent Johnson's injury is only helping JT60's cause.
  • Alex Ovechkin has already surpassed last year's PIMs, and is on track to double the 40 penalty minutes he picked up last season. Should we be worried?
  • When all the injuries are settled, Eric Fehr deserves to be on this team.
  • Upshaw, Coburn, and Carter combined for 23/34 shots for the Flyers.
  • Boyd Gordon- 64% on faceoffs...nice.
  • Every player had a plus/minus rating of '0.' Never seen that before, but a low scoring game with only power play goals will do that for you.

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richard said...

This was an intense game, well played. Theo's gained my respect back, he's playing a lot better now that hes gained some confidence.

MPL said...

I think Theo can do it down the stretch, I just hope that Johnny is ready just in case JT60 breaks down...