Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pre-Game: Capitals vs Maple Leafs

In past posts, I've whined about the Caps not getting healthy, or not winning because of injuries, or both...This ends today. It is what it is.

But at least all of our injuries are legit. Seriously Matt Stajan? Seriously? And this is no Lee Stempniak we're talking about, Stajan has actually done something this year.

Too harsh? Well he was supposed to be my fantasy sleeper last year and recorded 13 goals after scoring 27 the year before, so I think we're kind of even now.

  • Tomas Fleischmann has pneumonia...I blame David Steckel for coming to work with a cold and spreading it a few days ago. (What... you have to blame someone).
  • Someone had to have told Nicklas Backstrom to start shooting more. He's on track for 176 shots... a 23 shot improvement, and looking at a nine goal increase from last year's total of 16 goals.
  • Props to Jose Theodore who won back-to-back games for the first time since Nov 26-28. Theo is going to start tonight against a Maple Leaf team that he is 5-10-3 (ties)-2 against.
  • Alex Ovechkin has a five-game goal streak at home and and there have only been two home games in which the "Great 8" has not picked up a point at home.
  • The Capitals have the honor of playing against Vesa Toskala, which means fire from anywhere tonight boys...Literally anywhere. Even Leaf fans are getting a little annoyed.


Michael Eason said...

This has been one heck of a calender year for the Caps. Greater things in '09?

MPL said...

Mike Green is back...Wa-hoo!

Jeff Schultz is back...ehhh.

But still the Caps will finish AT LEAST 2nd in the Conference, and with our crowd during the playoffs, who knows what will happen...