Monday, December 8, 2008

Post-Game: Capitals @ Hurricanes

Matt Michael (inside joke, don't worry if you don't understand) Leighton was pretty much flawless tonight, stopping almost everything that came his way. Nicklas Backstrom was able to beat him top shelf on the power play, but Leighton had no chance.

Washington fired 39 shots on net, and as Locker would say, Leighton was a " on a hot tin roof." tonight. Leighton has now faced 76 shots in two games versus Washington this year, giving up six goals.

Godspeed to Mike Green (among others) for a speedy recovery. It's just not fair having Sami Lepisto out on the ice. Lepisto was -2, took a penalty, and turned the puck over to Eric Staal who netted the game-winning goal seconds later.

Meanwhile, I did not notice Sean Collins that much...which was a good thing. He just might be my new favorite Capitals defender. The only time when I did notice Collins, was when he was breaking up scoring chances in the third period.

Alexandre Giroux notched two shots on goal in just under 12 minutes...not much going on here though. If he sticks around, he should find a groove, but I don't expect him to last too much longer at this moment.

Alex Ovechkin had a chance to tie the game when he was awarded a penalty shot. The 'Canes must have done their research, because as soon as OV got a step, the 'D' man took him down, and the ref signaled for a penalty shot. OV was 0-4 in his career, barely got a shot off, and is now 0-5...He skated 26 minutes (waayyy too much), and this is the third time this season he has hit double digits in shots (11 tonight).

Next up is the Eastern Conference leading Boston Bruins (four game win streak) on Wednesday.

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