Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post-Game: Capitals vs Sabres

Well I have begun saving my money for Stanley Cup playoff tickets.

This team is fo real.

Even with all these injuries, winning is not a problem. Having won seven of their last eight, Washington moved into a tie for second place with the Rangers (two wins in two meetings this year). The only team ahead of Washington is Boston, whom the Caps defeated earlier in December.

Coming back against the Rangers was unreal, and fending off the pesky Slugs Sabres to improve to 14-1-1 on home ice is just plain redonk.

  • Viktor Kozlov has picked up his play of late and scored again last night. He whiped a wicked wrister past Patrick Lalime before he could say "Oh mon deur." Koz now has four goals in as many games. I think this is what sparked Koz.
  • I've said this before, but good things happen when Boyd Gordon scores. The Capitals are now 16-2 when Gord-o scores.
  • If Joe B. and Locker keep talking about how deadly Thomas Vanek is...of course he's going to score! Seemingly seconds after the announcers were applauding The Amazin' Austrian for returning to action after blocking an Ovechkin blast with his ankle, TV put the puck in the back of the net for his 25th.
  • Alex Ovechkin was in the box for Vanek's goal that narrowed the gap to a 2-1 margin. The Capitals star had to do something, anything:

How's that rank Ovie?

"I don't know, I don't know. I mean, Top 20?"

Top 20?? Are you serious? What ever you say 'MVP'.

  • I couldn't finish the recap without mentioning my man Nicklas Backstrom. He's got 24 helpers in his last 24 and is Top 5 in the league in assists. He almost threaded the needle at the end of the second period with a dandy of a pass to Koz, but Viktor missed the point-blank shot.
  • Finally here are your three stars for the game, with the number one star being sent down earlier today:

Interesting seletctions... Helmer had a helluva game (feeding Ovie on his goal), Donald Brashear the second star? Okay... Ovie rounds out the top three, but no love for Jose Theodore (22/24 saves) or Backis (1 assist, +2 in 21 minutes).

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