Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pre-Game: Capitals vs Thrashers

Last spring, I was fortunate enough to spend my spring break fully engulfed in hockey. The week started on Sunday went I went up to Hershey to watch the Bears play the Manitoba Moose. The Bears defeated the Moose after being on an extended road trip.

After visiting schools in that area, my father and I headed back to Arlington for a quick pit stop in the middle of the week. I one night that we stayed home, my friends and I caught a show at Black Cat. The Cribs were featured and have since become one of my favorite bands.

Thursday we took a plane down to Atlanta to meet up with some of my father's friends. This was right after that tornado tore through downtown Atlanta, but the Philips Arena was intact. After some sightseeing the first few days, we witnessed Alex Ovechkin's 60th goal in an impressive 5-3 victory. I took a few pictures while I was down there and here they are (like all hockey photo albums, my camera died in the 2nd period but its whatever):

And then there's this picture (somewhat NSFW/stalkerish)

Also, if you look really close, you can see my father and I in the crowd. As Ovechkin scores, look below the "ATL" on the top line for two fans who jump up and hold up white signs.

BallHype: hype it up!

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