Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post-Game: Capitals vs Canadiens

What else can you say about Alex Ovechkin?

"You have to try something new," Ovechkin added about the play at the center ice. "Sometimes I try in practice and people say what are you doing? Sometimes I need to changed it and it's working. It was an important game for us, an important goal especially when they score right on power play."

What?! Ovi practices these things?? Then no wonder he can do this or this. It took less than one minute for the "MVP" chants to take over Verizon Center. He's got points in 10 straight, including TWO hat tricks in that span.

Other than the Great 8, there was a game to be played that the Caps at times seem like they would dominate, but at other times, ehh, not so much:

  • Nicklas Backstrom has only four shootout attempts? He's batting .500 and should be in Boudreau's top three for the shootout.
  • David Steckel was more excited about his goal than Ovi was for his. Stecks' goal tied things up with a little less than three minutes left. Stecks won the draw (64% on face-offs) and went right to the net as he should, and was rewarded.
  • Mike Green looked tired. His facial expression after taking an early delay-of-game penalty looked as though he was sleepy. If in fact, he wasn't sleepy, he is now after playing almost 30 minutes (!).
  • Jose Theodore had a rough game. He could have stopped the Habs' first two goals, but he was off tonight. He should be happy with the overall outcome...30 saves and a victory against his former team.
  • Donald Brashear showed tremendous restraint on not beating the crap out of fighting George Laraque. Besides, we all know how that one turns out.
  • All three goals scored on the power play? That's happened three too many times this year, and it needs to
The Caps are now nine points back of Boston and two ahead of New Jersey. Next up is Colorado, who Greener should love to play against:

Also check out a breakdown of Ovechkin's unbelievable goal.
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Julie McCoy said...

If Green looked tired right before his delay of game penalty, it might have been cause the puck had hit him in the face.

MPL said...

Ahhh good call Julie! Your right. That puck was bouncing into everyone's grill last night. Thankfully nobody got injured (Ovi? Limping at practice, but apparently he's 'fine', whatever that means these days.