Monday, September 28, 2009

Caps on Cars - You Love It

So I was kind of hoping the poll I put up last week would be close, and it was... except for the license plate coming in first place. No point in having another round if one contender was doubling the competition.

Here's how the top five finished up:

1. LAICH IT - 43.8%
2. G-OLIE37 - 21.9%
3. ALEXDG8 - 17.8%
4. OVI 4MVP - 16.4%
5. 8VCHKN - 15.8%

Thanks again for all who participated. I continue to receive Caps license plates and if you have one of your own, or stumble upon one, send it my way, I'll run this feature sporadically throughout the season.

And I did not plan it this way where my license plate would win, but if you do see me or my brother driving around Arlington in our silver Saturn sedan, give us a wave or a honk. My brother might think you're crazy, but if I remember in the moment that I openly invited strangers to honk at me, I will happily wave back.

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