Monday, September 21, 2009

Caps on Cars - Best License Plates Round 1

Here's an update on some of the smaller bumper stickers: 'That's a Baltimore Clippers decal (1960's) to the right of the O's magnet. Also, a Baltimore Bandits decal at bottom left of bumper. There's a Baltimore Blades decal (1975), but it is mostly peeled off, ditto for a Chesapeake Icebreakers at far bottom right'. -T.C.


A special thanks goes out to the following people for sending in their pictures: Keith, Raina K, Bob B. (x3), JW, T.C., Anna, Toni, Katie, and Paul.

You can also check out all the individual Capitals license plate posts here.

Happy voting!


Anonymous said...

I was referred to this Blog post via Puck Daddy. I live in Arlington, VA and you may see my plate on the mean streets someday:


Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to hurl a rock your way if I ever see you.

Richard said...

I like my NY plate better, 2009 CUP... Yea losers!

MPL said...

@ Anon1: Bad things might happen if you park in the Ballston area with that plate. (See Anon2's post)

@Anon2: Com'on man we don't do that in this city, drive up 95 a little ways and I'm sure destroying personal property is widely-accepted.

@Richard: Your fellow New Yorkers must love the fact that you are a Pens' fan (I'm assuming you have ample Penguins bumper stickers).

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