Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Caps on Cars - Take 7

Ed Note: This new segment will put a spotlight on those who devote their car to the Caps. Be it with a vanity plate or extreme bumper sticker usage, Caps on Cars will showcase it weekly. I've got some pictures waiting in the wings, but if you want to help me out, send your Caps on Cars picture(s) my way. Plan on voting in an epic poll at the end of summer to choose the best plate/bumper stickers.

Make/Model -Cadillac Deville
Color - White
Location - Annandale, VA
Description - Happy and classy

With September upon us, it's time to vamp up the countdown until hockey season. The opener against Boston is now officially less than a month away on VS (but not on DirecTV!). Season previews are around the corner and bold predictions will dominate the hockey blogging community for the next month.

Meanwhile in our neck of the woods, the new crop of talent is here. The Young Guns have established themselves in the upper echelon of the league's talent pool and the next wave of prospects are not that far behind. The Laichs, Backstroms, Greens, and Ovechkins (okay, there's only one Ovi, but still) of the league are often times caught goofing around (two links) during their downtime.

They are doing what they love and having fun at the same time. Some players could just go through the motions and ignore or even disrespect the media. But these guys don't. They could be jerks, but they aren't. They even embrace the extra media attention .

This license plate epitomizes that... Drivers of hot cars are often times given the connotation of a rich d-bag without a care in the world. This car breaks that negative association and the driver becomes instantly personable because of his happy-go-lucky tag that will put a smile on any Caps' fan.

The new wave of Capitals' players are here. And so is the new wave of Capitals' fans. Happy and classy... the way it should be. To all other Caps fans: take notes.

Thanks again Bob B.!

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