Monday, August 31, 2009

Caps on Cars - Take 6

Ed Note: This new segment will put a spotlight on those who devote their car to the Caps. Be it with a vanity plate or extreme bumper sticker usage, Caps on Cars will showcase it weekly. I've got some pictures waiting in the wings, but if you want to help me out, send your Caps on Cars picture(s) my way. Plan on voting in an epic poll at the end of summer to choose the best plate/bumper stickers.

Make/Model -Honda Civic
Color - Unknown
Location - Annandale, VA
Description - Nostalgic

Olaf Kolzig's time has come and gone in D.C., but his departure did not stop Bob from enshrining - if you will - Kolzig on his car.

I like this one for a few reasons:
  • Does NOT include a member of the Young Guns (still waiting on a pro-Semin plate).
  • The expired tags in the upper right (which are a bitch to get pulled over for) subtly symbolize Kolzig's time here has done the same...Actually no, that's a complete coincidence.
  • It's slightly punny.
Thanks Bob B.!

Programming Note: The plates are piling up so expect a two to three plate week here at Simply Sensational!. Yup, exciting news!

1 comment:

Bob said...

Actually not Bob's plate, plate was on wife's Honda. Replaced reluctantly now with an Ovie plate. Bob