Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Simeon Varlamov Interview

Great stuff from over at OnFrozenBlog:
Varlamov: "This morning right before the morning skate the coach told me that I would be playing."

DC: Did you expect to play in tonight's game?

Varlamov: "Hmm . . . I did, but usually I am told a day or so before a game whether I am playing or not. But it was different now. When I wasn't told I thought maybe Theodore would get the nod.?

DC: After the last game you must have had a lot more confidence.

Varlamov: "Yes, I was a little bit more confident. I was skating around before the game and saw all these banners up top with all these great names like Mike Richter, Mark Messier, other players. I really wanted to win tonight. It was my first game at Madison Square Garden , and I am extremely happy. I used to watch on TV all these great games at MSG, and now I had a chance to be out there on that ice and play a game in this unbelievable atmosphere."

DC: When did you get your first thought that you might be getting a shutout?

Varlamov: "The last five minutes of the game I was thinking about it, that it was close. I really wanted it to happen. Of course I didn't think about it before the game, I was only thinking about the win. But with about five minutes to go I realized that I had a really good chance to post a shutout, and I didn't want this chance to get away."

DC: It looked like all the guys were really playing well in defense.

Varlamov: "Yes, definitely. All the guys played really well in defense as well as in attack. It was so great that all the guys converted lots of chances."

DC: Tell us about the episode with Avery.

Varlamov: "Well, everyone knows that he skates around trying to get everyone fired up. And I know about it. We talked about it at the team meetings as well. That's why I do not pay attention to such incidents. Yes, I know and actually saw how he was swinging his stick in front of Brodeur. I am ready for his provocations."

"I just touched him a little bit. And that's it. He reacted with a lot of emotion. He started yelling something. Of course, I didn't understand half of it."

DC: It looked like he hit you really hard.

Varlamov: "It was a good [punch]. It didn't feel nice. But there's nothing serious. A game is a game. My main objective is to catch pucks and concentrate on my own game and not to notice what he does."

DC: It looked like nothing was going to throw you off tonight!

Varlamov: "I try not to react to these incidents."

DC: After the game you let out a "Woo."

Varlamov: "All the guys came to congratulate me. To be honest with you it felt really good. The whole team congratulated me. They even took the puck from tonight's shutout. Now I will get a nice frame and keep it in my house."

DC: Did you get a pie in the face after the game?

Varlamov: "No, there was nothing after the game. The guys left a lot of emotions out there on the ice. No one even thought about it. But there was a lot of media in the locker room after the game asking a lot of questions."

DC: Of course, you're the first star of the game.

Varlamov: "Eh, really?! Wow, that's great! I didn't even know."

DC: What did the coach tell you after the game?

Varlamov: "He said 'Good job.' Nothing else. But what else can he say? The whole team played really well. We won tonight. And that's the most important thing."

DC: We will probably see you on Wednesday again now.

Varlamov: "Maybe. I don't know. I will probably be told either tomorrow or the day after during the morning skate. Am I ready? Of course I am ready. And if I am selected to play, I will try to show a good game."

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