Monday, April 20, 2009

Pre-Game: Capitals @ Rangers Game 3

Here are my keys for the Capitals to win Game 3 and get back on track from TheHockeyWriters:
With the Rangers stealing both games from the Capitals, they now hold a two-game advantage as the series heads up to the Garden. Rangers fans are celebrating, but this is not a best of three series, and Washington is nowhere near showing its true colors.

Washington and New York have faced each other six times thus far, with the past five games being decided by one goal (including one that went to the shootout and one that went into overtime). Yet in the playoffs, the Rangers have played a fundamentally sound defensive game to combat the Caps’ firepower. Here are five things Washington must do if they want to force the series to a Game 6 or a Game 7:


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Tambland said...

Do you think the Russians might be cheering for the Rangers?

MPL said...

Well we got 4 of em and the Rangers dont' have any. If they're not rooting for the Caps, then they'd be rooting for the individual players to perform well.

MPL said...

Make that 5 with Varlamov.