Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pre-Game: Capitals @ Panthers

Since the Caps didn't feel like playing yesterday, I don't feel like doing a postgame recap.

But a new day and a new opponent in the Florida Panthers. Florida just fell out of the eighth spot (Panther Promise!!!), and will definitely come to play, whether the Caps want to or not.

Tarik is reporting that Jose Theodore will get the start tomorrow, something that I am a little indifferent about. You could make the argument that a goalie that gives up four goals while facing under 20 shots should get a break...But then you also don't want to get in his head that he might not know if he's playing on a night-by-night basis.

It was good to see Brian Pothier back on the ice last night. Seeing him in the box while Atlanta scored, ehh,not so much. Here's hoping he gets ample ice time against Fla and replaces a Caps D man finds the right partner.

The Panthers have won just once in their last five, and are one of three Southeast teams in the bottom five for goals for on home ice. Hopefully the boys come to play tonight...You get worried about outings like last night, but the mindset I have is that we've clinched, and will start playing when it matters (...hopefully?). Oh yeah, and this:

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