Thursday, March 19, 2009

I need your help

Sports2Debate is a website that offers up debates on all sports...not just hockey. I have the opportunity to compete against SBN's Broad Street Hockey, a Philadelphia Flyers blog.

I will provide more information on how to vote when the voting starts. The debate question is: "You are the commissioner of the NHL. What would you do to better the game and popularize the sport?"

I have some good ideas I'm cooking up, but if you have any ideas you want to share, feel free to comment on them or shoot me an email.

Here's the link to view the debate. You need to become a member to vote, but it takes like 30 seconds and isn't a hassle.


Free Sports Betting said...

The fighting is a huge issue in hockey right now and I'm not sure that limiting the fighting will help the sport in the long term.

MPL said...

True. I have to figure out some ways to 'better the game.' I have tons of ideas for popularizing the sport.