Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finals Week...

As many of you have noticed, this site has not been updated as much as it used to be. I attribute that to a change of schools (Penn State-Harrisburg to James Madison University), where JMU's workload dwarf's that of PSH. Gone are the days of sitting in my apartment in the middle of Pennsylvania with a notepad and 34 firefox tabs open, desperately trying to find a relevant statistic.

Now with Exam Week upon us (college kids), it's now time to study more than you sleep, procrastinate more than ever, and live off Adderall and Red Bull (kidding, everyone knows you shouldn't take addy and Rd Bull).

I've knocked out two exams and have two to go. Meaning, that the site will remain quite for a few more days. But, it's like that saying, "It's always calmest before the storm."

I have great news and there are going to be some pretty big changes coming about. These changes should take place within the next two weeks (fingers crossed). You will love the changes. I will love the changes. And I cannot wait. See you then!

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