Monday, November 2, 2009

Capitals-Blue Jackets Winners & Losers


Brooks Laich. With Ovechkin out, Laich's two goals in 128 seconds put the Caps in the lead (for a measly three minutes and 13 seconds). On the first goal, Laich was where he should have been, and he was rewarded. His second goal was a gift. Whatevs. Take em as they come.

Quintin Laing. How's that for secondary scoring? The Q-Man's second NHL goal was sandwiched between two Raffi Torres goals in the third period. Laing also had at least one dandy of a blocked shot.

Rick Nash. So good. So underrated.


Alexander Semin. Four shots in the first five minutes are nice. Too bad he totaled two in the 55 minutes after that. Okay he did have two assists, but stop doing those stupid toe drag/curl-and-drag moves (hey, at least Brian Pothier is taking notes, right?).

Mike Knuble. That 30-second span of fore-checking sparked a somewhat exhausted Verizon Center crowd. We could do without the two slashing infractions (one of which, Columbus scored a Power Play goal on).


Tom Poti. Quintin Laing threw up a little when you tried to block Rick Nash's eventually assist to the GWG in OT. Actually Laing was too busy not rotating down toward the crease to help out... your fault too Quintin!

Jason Chimera. Ever just watch someone play and decide you hate everything about his game? Me neither too. Nate the Great puts it best here.

Guy wearing a Jaromir Jagr jersey behind the Capitals' bench. For a three-month period in 2001, wearing this jersey might have been respectable. Now it's just pathetic. No word on whether the person next to him was wearing a Sergei Berezin jersey.

Other comments:
  • I don't understand what constitutes goalie interference, and I don't think I ever will.
  • If you've ever played goalie at any level, when you lose your goalie stick, you feel naked. So take it easy on Theo while watching the replay of that "soft" goal that squeaked through the 5-hole.
  • Antoine Vermette and David Steckel took 26 and 25 face-offs, respectively. That just seems like a lot.
  • Finally, there is no ***king way Bruce ***king Boudreau is fatter than this mother ****king fat ***k. (Note: Sean Avery's words have been changed/altered, this was not sic'd)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Green in the losers. He's been terrible defensively the last 2 games.

MPL said...

True. But that injury is probably what's causing the damage. If that's the case, he shouldn't be out there when it's crunch time.

Or else guys like Rick Nash will exploit the hell out of his injury.

richard said...

Why is Poti getting the most ice time? Hes certainly not our best D man.

Anonymous said...

After that game, I was very gratified to see Columbus get beaten by the Sharks. Not to mentioned getting clobbered by the Wings on Nov 11.

They not only took Ovi out of the game but boasted about targeting him.

My hope is that Columbus misses the playoffs this year. And some day, I plan to write a sci-fi story where the villain is like the Chimera of Green mythology (the one that Bellerophen and his winged horse Pegasus slay.)