Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pre-Game: Capitals vs Penguins Game 7 Drinking Game

Tonight I will be doing a liveblog of Game 7, so please join me why don't you? In anticipation for tonight's game, keep these drinking rules in tact while you're at the Phone Booth, The Greene Turtle, or watching from the friendly confines of your own home while participating in the liveblog:


...every time Mike Green breaks his stick (you're drunk already aren't you?).

...every time Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby is interviewed (aka you're trashed by the 1st intermission)

...every time Matt Cooke does something to piss off his former teammates.

...every time Joe Beninati says "finagle" or "dipsy-doo".

...every time the announcers (CSN/VERSUS/CBC/FSN-P, they're all going to do it) mention how young Simeon Varlamov is.


...Crosby scores from more than 10 feet away from the net.

...Ovechkin scores from less than 10 feet from the net.

...Alexander Semin takes a hooking/tripping/slashing/retaliatory penalty.

...the game goes into Overtime.

...David Steckel scores.

1 comment:

CapsRule said...

How about a drink every time Mike Emrick uses the word "knife?"

Listen for'll drive you nuts.